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Steve's friends, colleagues and resources.

Jon first came to my attention as a wonderful jazz bass player, but he has also become my “go-to guy” for his skills as producer, engineer and editor for both audio and video.

Erik has a magnificent baritone voice, and is also a very prolific composer of Jewish Liturgical music. I’m proud to count him as both a colleague and a friend.

Robbie and I met in Junior High School, and immediately became bitter rivals, vying for musical supremacy. We're friends now, and I'm happy for his spectacular success as keyboard player and composer/arranger.

Drums and a whole lot more.

If you need a vocal coach, accompanist or music director in the NYC area, call this lady first and tell her I sent you.

Dr. Cohen and I get mistaken for each other all the time. One way to tell us apart; he’s an expert on science, Yiddish, Jewish genealogy and calligraphy, and I’m not.

A rising star in the Classical Saxophone field.

Excellent classical saxophonist.

Wonderful singer-songwriter, and a very dear friend.

I owe this guy a lot! On his suggestion, I wrote my Soprano Saxophone Sonata, and it quickly became one of my most popular pieces.

Massage and Reiki therapy for dogs, cats and horses in the Baltimore area. Seriously.

I fell in love with her singing voice when she recorded with Stravinsky in the 60s, and she also has a unique voice as a composer.

A former classmate and now the toast of the cabaret world. It hardly seems fair that someone so talented and funny should also be this beautiful!

Rachel is an Intuitive Health and Well-Being Advisor. If you're looking to lose weight or improve your well-being, this is the lady to contact.

Brilliant pianist!

Jack is a walking encyclopedia of Jewish musical lore, and a very funny raconteur as well.

Dedicated and inspiring Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

THE MEN'S ADVOCATE. I discovered Linda's daily blogs a few years ago, and I was immediately impressed with her insights into men and women and what they don't get about each other. Since those days, she has gone on to write a book, and is a popular speaker.

Most of the girls I knew in high school went into either healthcare or comedy. Of the ones who chose comedy, one of the most successful was Cathy Ladman.

Singer and Voice Teacher

Cheryl has a beautiful soprano voice, which she uses with great musicianship. Those, along with her wisdom and warmth, make her ideally suited to her role as cantor.

Tito Rodriguez, Jr., my childhood friend, now leads a great salsa band. Tito Rodríguez, Jr is one of the leading Timbales artists in Tropical Music today. Tito’s signature sound is inspired by traditional big bands of the past with a contemporary twist.