Overture to “Nabucco” (G. Verdi)

Personnel: Saxophone Choir - Sopº, SS, AA, TT, BB., Bs., C-Bs. (optional)


Cohen’s orchestration of Verdi’s Overture to “Nabucco” for saxophone choir is an arrangement that truly captures the orchestral sound from the wide span of the saxophone choir (one sopranino, pairs of sopranos, altos, tenors and baritones, plus bass and contrabass), as well as the operatic flair of the original score.  The opening section features a lyrical tenor melody set against a full-ensemble martial mood; the middle waltz style section is lyrical and ornate; and the final “gallop” is the sort of molto allegro classical virtuoso writing that saxophonists do not often get to play.  This work is not often programmed orchestrally, but should be in the library of any saxophone choir; it’s great programming, and an equally great opportunity for ensemble growth.