The Cop and the Anthem

Libretto by Alison Hubbard, after short story by O. Henry

Year: 1982
Duration: 45’
Language: English
Personnel: Soli, Chorus, 2121/2110/Timp., Perc. (1), Hp., Pno., Str.

Premiere: 11 June 1982
New York University - New York NY
NYU Opera Studio Thomas Martin, conductor

“The Cop and the Anthem” with music by Steve Cohen was… good-natured and generally effective in its quasi-Broadway style. The well-choreographed chorus helped, but the real impetus came from Alison Hubbard’s bright and genuinely amusing libretto. The protagonists - two park bench bums fighting the good fight against gainful employment - were played by Philip Raia and Martin Doner. Their shenanigans with the police could have been tediously predictable, but Miss Hubbard gives both men some funny things to say. Mr. Raia’s baritone was energetic but wayward in pitch. Mr. Doner sang with a pleasant light tenor.
Bernard Holland — New York Times

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